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About Us

InTouch Business Services is your cloud computing software solutions consultant. We bring together extensive business experience with a clear understanding of the power that cloud computing applications bring to your business. From collaboration and communication to accounting and process management, InTouch Business Services is committed to finding the applications your business needs and adapting them to fit your business practices.

Jean Dowd, Chief Executive Officer

Jean is a small business specialist. She has spent the past twenty years developing applications to provide efficiency and productivity to the workplace. She understands business from corporate governance and record keeping to strategic planning and collaboration.

Her technological specialties are Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, and Microsoft Access. From training the end-user to developing complex databases, her range of skills is extensive.

As CEO of InTouch Business Services, Jean’s experience allows her to apply the best technology solutions to the operational problems of a wide variety of businesses.

Robert Segrest, Chief Operations Officer

Robert is a master of strategic planning and implementation. His expertise at organizing people and their best talents give InTouch Business Services the teamwork necessary to build efficient systems to serve our clients well. He is responsible for building our team of associates to provide the right person for the task.

He is a natural leader. People look to him for guidance. As our training developer, he puts together training programs that bring the message home at whatever level the end user is participating. His skills give the trainee a comfort level that encourages the desire to learn more.

Tom Trexler, Chief Financial Officer

Tom has a native talent for finance. He understands that companies become successful because of the qualities of the management team, not because the tools they use or their business plans. He can define what is important rather than the superficial things that often become stumbling blocks in an organization.

In addition to administering the finances of InTouch Business Services, Tom’s acumen and experience help the company understand the financial challenges of our clients so that we can offer them the most appropriate services for their situations.

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