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The InTouch Team has collaborated on multiple projects to assist small businesses during all phases of the business life cycle. Now they have formed InTouch Business Services to provide small business with the tools and services that have previously only been available to much larger companies. By harnessing the power of Cloud Computing and Software as a Service, and applying that power to the unique challenges individual businesses face. Our approach is to learn about our clients’ businesses, identify problems and opportunities that information technology can address, and providing the IT services that will best support their business model and goals.

Installation and Integration

Software as a Service (SaaS) installation can range from a simple subscription to a service to more complex installation and integrations procedures. Our experts will ensure that your SaaS installation goes smoothly minimizing conflicts and maximizing utility of the software. We deliver you products that you can use, in a condition that you can use them.

Customization and Interface
Nearly all business software works best when customized to meet the needs of the end user. InTouch Business Services can customize your software for maximum flexibility and utility. From interface design to authorization controls to custom forms, we will tailor your systems to reflect your company. We want your software packages to be tools for you to use, not problems for you to solve.
Maintenance and Security
InTouch Business Services uses MS Intune PC management system to provide maintenance and security on our own networks. It allows us to remotely perform all anti-virus, backup, cleanup and other maintenance functions from a central location. We offer the same service to our clients, or can set up Intune to allow them to use this valuable tool themselves.
Training and support
Investment in technology only pays off if people know how to use it. Our professionals can provide high-quality, comprehensive training in the products and services we sell. Our job is not complete until the end users of our products are using them efficiently and comfortably. We are proud to share our expertise, and bring your team up to speed quickly.

What is the Cloud?There is a lot of talk about “The Cloud” in information technology circles today, but not everyone really understands what that means. Simply put, the cloud is any collection of off-premises servers accessible to you for data storage, applications and operational software. Anything that you access with your computer that is not physically stored on it’s hard drive or on a server that you own is ‘in the cloud’. Internet email servers, social networking sites, non-resident software program, and the Internet itself are all ‘in the cloud’.

What does this mean to me? What the cloud does is put the power of very large server systems at the disposal of users who could not possibly maintain those systems themselves. Through the use of Software as a Service (SaaS) the cloud allows you to pay for the services you use, while only paying a fraction of the infrastructure costs involved in providing those services.

So where is my data? Commercial cloud computing providers use highly redundant secure collections of servers, physically located in geographically diverse locations, to store the cloud services you use. The security systems available to these providers are beyond the means of all but the largest of companies, and are maintained by the most skilled and capable IT staffs in the world. Unless you are a multi-billion dollar international conglomerate, you cannot possibly provide the same level of security for your data that you have on the cloud.

What is Software as a Service (Saas)?Software as a Service (SaaS) is an approach that has been evolving over the last few years that allows end users to pay for the use of applications and platforms based on their use of those programs. Traditional software licensing charged relatively high fees for the unlimited use of the software provided on one machine. If you used the software a lot, and only used it on one computer, it was a decent deal. SaaS, instead licenses the user to access the software in the cloud. You pay for it on a subscription basis, and usually pay for it by user, not by machine. This means the same fee allows a single user to access the program from any machine for the same price. It also means that you only pay for what you use. Even better, you don’t have to update software, because SaaS automatically updates as new versions come out.  SaaS allows you to keep your software solutions on the cutting edge of technology, with maximum flexibility for an affordable price.

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