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InTouch Business Services is your cloud-computing, software-solutions consultant. We bring together extensive business ownership and consulting experience with a clear understanding of the power that cloud-computing applications bring to your business. From collaboration and communication to accounting and process-management, InTouch Business Services is committed to finding the applications to fit your business needs and adapting them to your business practices.

We Know Business“Having many years of business management and consulting experience, our leadership team knows business”. We know what it takes to make business succeed, and we know that you can’t devote time and money to things that won’t help your bottom line. We view technology as a means of improving efficiency and productivity, with results to be evaluated in terms of time and money saved.

We Know TechnologyIt's been a long time since you could run a successful business with an adding machine and a double-entry ledger. The role of IT in all businesses grows every year. We keep pace with the technology changes, and are looking at the future. We have seen the advantages of software as a service and cloud computing to small businesses and are eager to help others harness that power for their own use.

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